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THROW is proud to bring a one of kind axe throwing experience to Pittsburgh. We are not a cookie cutter axe throwing company. NO elimination style tournaments. One hour sessions. Groups of any size-No need for a large group to participate! THROW in connection with IQ Escape brings a new environment to some our facilities adding in interactive games that will allow you to use no only your brawns but your brains too!
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We are back open!

Now that Pennsylvania is in the “green” phase, we have been cleared to re-open. Just like we always have, we put your safety as our top priority. Here are the steps we’ve taken to make sure you can THROW safely.

  • Prior to reopening we deep cleaned and fogged our space with CDC, EPA, FDA approved 90 day electro-static disinfectant process. What does that mean? It means that any virus or bacteria will not be able to live on any of the spaces that have been disinfected for 90 days. For us that means every inch of our space, our axes, our tablets, or any other surface you may come in contact with.
  • We will also continue to clean in between groups to maintain cleanliness.
  • We are currently limiting our capacity to 1-4 people per bay (2 targets), traditionally it had been 4 people per target.
  • Masks will be mandatory per PA state mandate. We will have limited number of masks available for purchase if you do forget yours.
  • Our refund policy will remain at a 72 hour notice, as this we have always been aware that things happen in life and try our best to accommodate you are customer to the best of our ability. We however will be accepting cancellations and the option to reschedule up until the day of. You must call prior to your booking though. If you do not call prior to your reservation we cannot offer the opportunity to reschedule.
  • We ask that any guest that is showing any sign/symptoms of any illness please call us to reschedule their event. We need to take care of each other at this time and not put anyone else at risk!
  • At this time, our McKnight Road location remains closed.

What is THROW?

THROW is the only axe throwing facility that books by the target, offers one-hour sessions, and Matches, so there is NO elimination style tournaments. Everyone will THROW for their entire hour. We are not just another axe throwing company and we have taken the time to hear what people want out of an axe throwing facility!

In connection with IQ Escape, THROW offers experiences is tailored for your desire at our four Pittsburgh, PA locations. Want to let off steam and just THROW, no problem. Want to challenge your friends or family, no problem. We have designed multi-level games that will inspire your inner-competitiveness. Play Trivia and Axes to determine who really is the smart axe and a dumb axe; Give your hand a go at TIC TAC THROW; like playing cards, try Ace’s & Axes; and lastly, forget about Words with Friends, try ScrAxel.


Ready to THROW? Here’s the experiences you can choose from!


Exactly what it sounds like. Don’t feel like competing or playing a game-Just interested in feeling the axe between your hands? Well come and Just THROW!

Available at all locations



Keeping it simple your personal match will include 3 games. 10 axes per game (think bowling). With a total of 30 axes to be thrown. We will tally up your game totals at the end and declare a winner!

Available at all locations


Trivia and axes

Bring your “A” game for this one, as we will mix axe throwing and trivia to challenge you on every level. Aim for your category and unleash your inner nerd with trivia questions! Your aim will gain you points but get your question wrong and it’ll set you back!

Available at North Hills
Coming soon to Waterfront



A twist and new way to play the old school game, scrabble. Come prepared as your aim will gain you your 10 letters but in the end only your intelligence will bring home the win by spelling out the best word just like scrabble!

 Available at North Hills
Coming soon to Waterfront

Axe High

Think poker but there’s no luck in this game! It’s all up to you and your aim to get the best hand and win it all! Get the best hand out of 5 throws and win the jackpot!

Coming Soon!



A classic is brought into our axe throwing arena. A fun, easy game that anyone will enjoy! Can you get three in a row?

Available at North Hills
Coming soon to Waterfront 

Leagues & Tournaments

Leagues will return in 2021



Frequently Asked Questions

Can I really throw axes?

Of course! Unleash your inner badass and give it a go!

Don’t be intimidated by the idea of throwing axes. Safety is our number one priority. We have trained staff that will help you get THROWing successfully. 

Is there an age limit?
We don’t have an age limit but limit it to strength restriction. If you are not strong enough to throw an axe in a safe manner, then we will not let you throw. (you will be refunded if we feel you are under the strength restriction).

All children under the age of 16 will need to have a guardian present.

All throwers under the age of 18 will need to have a parent/guardian sign a waiver in person, as well as themselves.

Is it safe?
We have safety procedures and pre-cautions to ensure a safe and fun environment. We take safety as priority #1! Any rule breakers will be asked to leave and forfeit their tickets purchased.

Review Our Safety Policy HERE

Do I have to sign a waiver?
Yes, when you arrive for your time you will be asked to sign a waiver. Anyone under the age of 18 will need a parent/guardian to sign off on the waiver as well!
How do I book?
Visit our booking page for the Throw location of your choice and click the book now button for all of our available dates and times.
Will someone teach me how to properly throw an axe?

YES! When you arrive our coach will take the first 10 minutes to teach you how to properly throw an axe and allow you some practice THROWs.

I'm allowed to bring Alcohol? HUH?!?

Yes, We are BYOB at our North Hills, The Waterfront and our State College locations. However, South Hills is not BYOB, as our axe arena is located in a full bar and restaurant-so beer and food are available for purchase there.

FOOD? BYOF and Catering Options are available!

Just like the booze you can bring your own grub as well at our North Hills, The Waterfront and State College locations. Again, our axe arena at our South Hills location is located in a full bar and restaurant so no outside food or drinks are aloud, but are available for purchase.

How are you different from other Axe Throwing Facilities?
We are different in a couple of ways:

Our tournaments: Our tournaments last about 45 minutes and consist of 3 matches of 10 THROWS a person. While most Axe Throwing Tournaments consist of knocking some people out of the competition-we do not! Everyone THROWS every match!

Our experiences: We will be offering a number of game experiences that intertwine with the axe throwing. These games will not only bring your brawns to life but you’ll need that brain of yours as well! Stay tuned for more information on this one!

All Inclusive Event Options: For corporate retreats, birthday parties, bachelor/bachelorette parties, or private events we have special pricing for those wanting to enjoy axe throwing AND an escape room experience. Catering is also available. Contact us today for more details!

High Quality: Just as IQ Escape is committed to providing the best and most unique experiences in the escape room industry, we aim to do the same thing at THROW!

What do I wear?
Come dressed to the nines or in your PJ’s- it’s your call! The only requirement we have is that you have closed-toe shoes on and no heels ladies! Other than that we think you’re capable of dressing yourself!
What form of payment do you accept?
We accept all major credit cards
Can we bring our own axes?
Unfortunately, for insurance reasons you’ll need to leave the axes to us!
How much is it?

It is $80/Target for one-hour. Each target can host 1-4 people. If you have 4 people that winds up being $20/person!

Additionally, we do allow walk-ins as well that is $20/person. Please see our booking portal for more information on walk-in hours.

How long is the axe throwing sessions?
Our sessions are one-hour long. The session includes 10 minutes of practice and then you are off to the races!
Minimum/Maximum group sizes for private events?
Please contact us for private events. While we have regular retail hours we are available for private events during non-business hours.
Am I able to pick which game I play?

Yes! Our booking portal will ask which games you are looking to play-all games available will be listed! And if you change your mind when you arrive? No biggie we can adjust it upon arrival! Please note if you are playing one of our interactive games you will need to reserve two targets to be guaranteed these games.

If you are arranging a private event/party we can discuss itinerary and will be able to customize the experience to your liking. Contact us for more information!

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